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Wet-it - Fall Tree W10-28
Wet-it - Fall Tree W10-28

Wet-it - Fall Tree W10-28

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Wet-it - Fall Tree W10-28 Swedish Cloth
  • This colorful Swedish dishcloth is incredibly functional and long lasting; perfect for kitchen, bathroom, nursery, outdoors or anywhere something needs to be wiped up
  • Super absorbent wet it dishcloth can hold up to 16 times its weight; durable and strong, yet soft and non-abrasive. Made of 70% Cotton and 30% Cellulose
  • Reusable wet-it dishcloths, lasts 6 months or longer; the perfect alternative to sponges, paper towels and washcloths. 
  • Easy to care for simply wash in dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Beautiful, vibrant, colorful patterns won't fade or discolor even when used with bleach or cleaning products.  
  • Approximately 9 1/4 inches diameter; Imported from Sweden
  • Non-abrasive scrubby

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